About Conquering Relationships

About Conquering Relationships


Conquering Relationships: Training Ground??..sounds weird right?  Well let me explain.

It was frustrating to me when God kept drilling into my heart phrases such as:

  • People & situations that cross YOUR path will be YOUR training ground for growth.
  • I?m gonna answer YOUR prayers through these tests.
  • Did YOU learn what YOU were suppose to from YOUR last situation.
  • YOU?RE gonna keep going down this path until YOU learn.
  • Work on YOUR mouth / work on YOUR attitude.
  • I created everyone for a different purpose, find YOURS.!!
  • YOU gotta get better in YOUR relationships with the people I allow YOU to meet.

Those are just a few to name.  You wouldn?t believe me when I say I talk to God on MY level: It?s not always proper and I have convos with Him as if He was my ?fleshly? friend. Yep, slang and all. I?m going to let you in on some of my convos with God through my blogs. I don?t expect everyone to understand it or like it, but I?m all about transparency.

I literally would say to God: LOOK!!! All I?m doing is asking to be a better person, asking to be blessed so good so that I can bless others. It bothers me seeing people hurt, or be left out struggling when all they want is better, so God pleaseeee bless me to bless them.  Yes I am introverted and I love my space, but Lord I want to be able to help & encourage people.  I ain?t looking to be rich, but I want to be comfortable. I want to travel, I want my own business, and I just want to know what it feels like to actually be apart of a close family. I didn?t ask for all this extra nonsense in my life. (Ughhhhhhh)

Each time, God simply said:  When you’re done throwing your tantrums, wipe your tears, get up, and get prepared for the BLESSINGS. I?m not gonna give it to you the way you want it or when you want it. I?m surely not gonna take you through life the way you think I should.  I got some things I want to get OUT OF you and some things I want to GROW IN you and YOU MUST go down certain paths. You got to have certain experiences for me to get you to the blessing(s). So fix your face & get ready for war.

Soldiers train hard and they train dirty. (wishing i can bypass it all)  They go through many battles and they never throw in their armour. We are all fighting similar and different battles. Each one is personal and is uniquely designed simply for each individual, according to God?s purpose for their life. Nobody can fight or win it for you. Just as soldiers are taught when training for war, YOU NEVER EVER leave a fallen soldier behind. If you see someone going through a training session you been through, don?t laugh & dog them. Do what soldiers do and help!!!!!  But you can?t help if your ground is flooded with misery, jealousy, bitterness, & hatred. (Oh! Let?s not leave being biased out)

I thought i had it all together (as most people think). I readily admit that i have some fixing that?s needed:  The ONLY way we will ever get ahead the right way and help heal people is by us first being broken down and made over.  We must go through some likely and unlikely things in order to get humbled.  We will never conquer any relationship in our life if we do not learn how to love UNCONDITIONALLY.  If you don?t humble yourself and ALLOW God to fix YOU instead of worrying about Him fixing others, then you will lose the battle with every relationship that has been assigned to you. (Intimate relationships, parenting, family, work related, & friendships). The fixing starts within not outwardly. It starts at the roots.  FIXING STARTS WITH YOU FIRST!!

It?s time we stop judging someone else?s training ground and get to work on our own training ground. Allow people and situations to grow you. Let?s face it, God uses others to bless us so we might as well get use to dealing with people of all types.

You have to be a person whose foundation is built on 1 Corinthians 13:4-8